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Nordic Shore - A (very) short history

What is Nordic shore all about? Well this is the story so far...
Nordic shore started life about 3 years ago, when I (Beau) came to Norway for the first time. I arrived at night so didn’t get to see much but getting up in the morning was a different story. Looking out of my window to see mountains and forest line on my doorstep, the only thought that went through my head was "why I didn’t bring my bike?!". When I got back to London I decided I was going to move here and I wanted to spread the word about Norway at the same time.

This country is like the GARDEN OF EDEN for mountain bikers.

Mountain biking is popular here, but Norway’s entire population is smaller than the population of London. The country itself is so large that if you drove from north to south it would be like driving from John O'Groats to Rome, so as you can imagine there is a lot of space to ride. Riding has been growing here in a big way, kinda like the UK six or seven years ago (In my view the best time). There are small parks springing up everywhere and more and more people are getting into riding, especially Freeriding.

What I wanted to do is raise awareness of Norway's growing scene and rich riding in the UK and Europe, but I couldn’t do this on my own. That’s where Tony Dunn and Bjørn Berntsen come into the story. Tony is our man in the UK, does the Design & Web stuff and keeps his ear to the ground for the latest UK news. Bjørn is our Norwegian man, keeping us up to date on the Norwegian scene and keeping in contact with the locals. He's also an awesome trail builder. Me, I'm the middle man. I have the ideas, co-ordinate things and organise the Shore events. Together we make up the Shore Crew.

We took on the mission to spread the word, but it's not been without it's hurdles! Like the myth that Norway is always cold and there are polar bears waiting to eat you on every corner! It is cold here but only in the WINTER! Last summer we had an average temp of 27 degrees and an average sea temp of 23degrees. We were lake jumping in shorts and getting a tan and not a white bear in sight!

The purpose of the site is to show you what we get up to in Norway and the rest of Europe, keeping you up to date on some of the news in the MTB industry and our own adventures. We do have some plans of our own for some events over the next two years and we will be covering as many of the events in Norway as possible. So have a look around and hopefully we will see you on the trails soon.

Keep Rollin'



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