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BT NINJA 365 (Ole Hall)

I`ve been riding trials for some years now, and I seem to be getting more and more picky about the stuff I ride. AKA: The Evolution!

I started riding trials on Small-sized XC-frames, and soon realised that they have plenty of limitations, as did many manufacturers, so today, there`s an ocean of different trials specific frames out there for everyone. I first got myself a B.T RAven 5.0 this spring, and it surprised me. It was longer than any of my previous bikes, which caused the bike to be more stable, and gave a relaxed ride. The rear end was shorter, and the cranks were also a bit higher. This made for a snappy feeling on the rear wheel, and all in all, a great bike!

Then the rumours about a new frame from B.T started haunting me. It was the Ninja 365!

The frame was ordered ASAP, and luckily, there was ONE(!) left for me! (It`s actually the frame that is shown on
The frame is very special indeed. It has the shortest chainstays available on a 26" bike 365mm! (hence the name) To make this possible, they had to switch the regular 73mm BB-housing to a whopping 100mm!

AWESOME! The 1100mm wheelbase, and the widely spaced crank/pedal-setup makes it even more balanced to ride, than previous incarnations from B.T.

I`ve fitted Try-All wheels, stem, bar, Maxxis tyres and a B.T crank, which gives a reliable feel. To control all of this, I`ve got the regular Hs33 rear brake, and the faultless Hope / Try-All Mono-Trial front disc brake with a 160mm rotor. The singlespeed-setup (18/13) makes for an almost maintenance free rig.
This is a UCI-style frame, but it feels really at home on urban obstacles. Though I must say that manuals are really hard to do on it, and I hope that I`ll never see one with a suspension fork!

If you are looking for a seatless frame for "do it all"-trials, this is a superb frame!
Those of you looking for a more manual/ street-friendly frame might want to check out the RAven 6.0

I have to give the Ninja 365 a big 5, out of 5! Not because it's the greatest ever frame to be built, but the radical ideas about the wider BB and shorter rear end really gives new inspiration for the future of trials to come!

Well, I`m off to ride then...
Ole Hall






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