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Already a classic skate shoe the Lo Cuts have an amazing amount of grip and from possibly the simplest sole design.

The Lo Cut range has always come in a variety of colours and materials to suit different tastes. If you want to stand out there's the garish greens, whites, reds and yellows and if you want a more modest look there's always the trusty blacks, blues and earth colours. They're very easy to break in and very durable on rides for what are primarily skate shoes.

The Lo Cuts are super comfy, look good, are well made and have a very flexible sole (although this may be a disadvantage depending on your riding style) but, most of all, you'll stick to your pedals like poo to a blanket thanks to the sole which is basically completely flat with a series of horizontal groves cut into it.

Also, if you can get them, there are certain styles that have a leather inner heel lining which prolongs the life of the shoes because this material is harder to wear away while slipping them on and off. Oh, and one more thing, they're very washing machine friendly (as friendly as a shoe in a washing machine can be) so if you get them filthy they scrub up pretty well.

The main downside to the Lo Cuts is the lack of protection, no padding, supports or built up soles in sight anywhere but don't forget, these are skate shoes. If you choose a pair with a canvas upper then be prepared for them to look like s**t pretty quickly in muddy conditions as they'll be in and out of the washing machine more frequently than an inquisitive kitten and this will make the colour fade very quickly.

Why am I reviewing or even buying these when Etnies already make rider specific shoes? Well it's simple really. I've had some rider specific shoes but I always come back to the Lo Cuts for one reason. Feedback. For all of that built up protection (and i'm not knocking it at all, it makes perfect sense) I find that I lose the feedback from the bike in a place where it's needed most and with the Lo Cuts I'm getting fed constant information. To sum it up, the Lo Cuts make me feel like I'm in the bike and all other shoes make me feel like I'm on top of it.

If you're a hardcore downhiller then these are not for you but for riding the trails, street, skate parks or dirt jumping these shoes are sweet.





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