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FOX RC40 (Beau)

I’m one of those riders that has to have the very best that I can afford for my bike and if I can’t afford it I still get it and just worry about the expenses later. So, as you can imagine, as soon as I had a chance to get my hands on a pair of these, I did. Here’s my verdict;

The first thing you notice about the fork is even though you're faced with these monsterous 40mm stanctions the fork weighs next to nothing. In fact, they weigh less than a standard pair of Boxxer race forks. You can’t fail to notice the inpecable Fox build quality of these forks, as soon as they come out of the box they work perfectly, soooo plush and super stiff!
The Fox boys have thought of it all with these beasts.
Every bolt on this fork takes a 5mm allen key so none of that messing around with 100 different tools before the race. They come with two different spring weights so, along with the preload adjustment, you can set the spring rate for anyone. Even you larger riders! ;)

Fork adjustability can get a little confusing for the rider with out a mechanic degree but the Fox guys have thought of that too! High and low speed compression adjustment come marked with a little pic above them just to show you which is which, so you can get the fork set for you perfectly, for all types of riding.

To ride they are so forgiving, so if you’re a rider like me who makes the odd mistake, the fork just swallows everything it hits. Along with the stiffness of the stantions these forks fill you with confidence, which in turn helps you to improve your riding. I love them!!

Super adjustable
Super stiff
Fantastic build quality

Colour (Why that Grey? Please release a matt black!)
Price (£1199 is way too much for the everyday rider!)

These forks are without doubt the best I have ever ridden. They are smooth, stiff, light and and have excellent handling. There is only one major thing that let’s them down, that price!! You’ll have to work overtime for half a year just to afford them and because of that I would say if you're crazy like me and want the best then buy them, you wont regret it! But, if you have a head on your sholders and only a 3 figure budget, then buy yourself a pair of 888's. All you’ll have to sacrifice is the weight and that name - FOX Baby!!






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