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Right, got a pair of these from my mother-in-law for my birthday along with a pair of Mace Shackle gloves and I've been riding and crashing in them for a couple of months now so here's my experience of them...

Having torn the wrapping paper off excitedly I was pleasantly surprised to see that these shorts look much better in the flesh than they do in any of the photos and the attention to detail is excellent, right down to the little mace logos running around the inner waist. The stitching looked hardy and the shorts had a real air of quality but we've all seen this before with riding gear and the proof of the pudding is always in the tasting.

I'm a big lad (think the name makes that clear!) so I got the XL's, the largest in the range, and the fit was excellent. I've got a 38" waist and the shorts are loose enough that there is plenty of movement but cut close enough that there's nothing to snag and no un-necessary material. However, if you want to get any padding underneath them then you'll need to get the next size up from yours (ie. L becomes XL etc.) which, sadly, wasn't available for someone of my stamp! I can still get my padded shorts underneath these but it's a pretty snug fit and it's a shame that this doesn't seem to have been taken into account.

It has to be said that the build of these shorts is pretty damn good. I've only been riding them for a couple of months but I've already had too pretty big offs and both of these involved a little 'skidding along on my arse/thigh' action.

In spite of the fact that I was mashed the shorts didn't even fray thanks to the strong bull denim and all stitching, logos etc. are all still firmly in place. The securing strips on the waist are of no use to me (particularly when I'm packed in wearing my monkey shorts!!) but I imagine these will come into their own if you opt for a size larger.

Pockets are adequate with two at the front and back but again, if you're a more 'sturdy' rider, once you've got padding under the XL's you can just about slip a credit card into the pockets! Finally, the seamless crotch means that the shorts are very comfy in the saddle and the crotch is low enough to accommodate your goolies without catching on your saddle!

Mace have produced a good all-round trail/freeride short here and the build quality and styling is excellent with great attention to detail. Unfortunately the only thing that lets it down is the lack of either an XXL or a more generous XL size with just a little extra room for those of us 'big boned' riders who wear padding. Aside from that more slender riders should seriously consider these shorts for their build quality and tidy looks and the fact that I'm still wearing them in spite of the size issues is down to the fact that they're strong and not just because my mother-in-law would be upset if I didn't!






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