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Here's a bit of background on us guys and what we do with our lives!


Name: Beau Dommett
DOB: 23/09/82
From: Hayle, Cornwall
Lives: Homborsund, Norway
Job: Bike Mechanic, Handy Man

Started riding: since I could balance. Started out on motorbikes, my dad was into motorbikes and wanted me to follow in his foot steps. I rode my first motorbike at the age of 4 and never stopped. At around 14 I got my first MTB and was hooked. I had a small break from 16-17 when my bike was nicked, but haven’t stopped since!

Hobbies: Riding Bikes, MX (when someone lets me borrow their bike!), surfing, sky diving (only been once but going again soon), rock climbing and anything else thing else I could potentially hurt myself doing!

Why do I ride: At first because it was cheaper than MX! But after a while I soon realised that it was so much more. The best friends I have made are riders and there is nothing better than going riding with your friends on a summer’s day. Your head completely clear, then only thing you’re thinking about is the riding. Nothing better!

What do I ride: For Freeriding and DH it's my baby; Curtis Thumpercross kitted out with fox DHX and RC2 40’s, Deemax rims with hope hubs and brakes, Saint, Raceface bars and stem and Sram X-.0 mech and shifter. For the Dirt I have a GT moto, Dirt jam forks (waiting for the DJ 1 to come in the post) saint cranks hope Mono Mini’s, Truvativ stem and bars, DMR Single speed and two sets of wheels. Deemax rims on hope bulbs and Halo 24’s with 48 spoke hope bigun hubs. The XC I have a Chaz Roberts ,SIDS, XTR hubs, brakes and gears, Middleburn RS-7 duo chainset, EA70 bars and Mavic xc717 rims. That’s it for now!! SX trail in the works but don’t tell the misses!!.

Favourite place to ride in Norway: Sønge, our trails we build last summer, Hafjell.
In UK :
Esher Shore, PORC, Leith hill, Bringewood, Tilgate, Chicksands (only been there once but it rocks) and Cornwall (trails everywhere!).


Name: Bjørn Berntsen
Arendal, Norway
Bike mechanic and sales (for four years)

Started riding: Probably since I first learnt it, when I was four years old ( I remember my first bike, it was a red 16" wheel bike, called Temus, I think) . But started riding for real when I was around 15  years old, and got in to DH when I was around 20 and then moved on to the ever popular freeride scene about four years ago...

Hobbies: Riding bikes (dah, of course...), Playstation, Editing whatever we film, watching movies (I`m somewhat of a movies fan...), hanging out with friends etc, And  I used to play a lot of basketball a couple of years back

Why do I ride: Probably because it is the best thing to do in the entire world... Go out in the nature me and my bike, clearing jumps, drops, technical DH runs, you know, having a blast... Can`t think of anything else to do really.. I`ve always been out riding, when I was yonger I ride my bike to school, now I ride to work... I guess I like bikes better than cars!

What do I ride: For the big stuff - Specialized Demo 9 equipped with 888, Fox Dhx 5.0 air(!), Hayes brakes, Truvativ Cranks, Halo sas wheels etc.
For the not so big stuff, but not so small either: Santa Cruz Blur 4x - equipped with Fox 36 rc2, Fox Rp3, Hope Minis, Saint cranks and shifter (it`s so sexy), Mavic Deemax wheels (not ugly yello like Beau has!), Raceface Diaboulos stem and handlebar.. I'm considering a new hardtail, but at the moment I don`t have one...

Favourite places to ride: Hafjell is probably the coolest place I`ve ridden, but nothing comes close to the local trails and northshore at Songe in Arendal...


Name: Tony Dunn
Purley, UK
Significant others:
My wife Vicky and our dog Basil
Graphic Designer

Started riding: When I was four. My dad bought me a cheapie metallic green bike with white wheels and that was it. My first 'proper' bike was my Raleigh Grifter which got me through the Cycling Proficiency test! Had a break from bikes for a few years when I started Skating but got back into riding when I was 17 and bought myself a GT LTS and never looked back since.

Hobbies: Riding (obviously!) , model making, films, riding, my record collection, painting, riding

Why do I ride: Because not riding is wrong! Riding puts a smile on my face, clears my head and puts everything into perspective. Riding with my mates (big-up Big Ron, Posh, Dikki and the Hurst View Massive!) and travelling to different places keeps riding fresh and 'cos we all push each other a bit it means that we're trying new stuff every ride.

What do I ride: Kona Coiler DeeLux for the bigger stuff and DMR Rhythm for street/trails (my beloved Trailstar was nicked)

Favourite places to ride: Loads to choose from but standouts are Pitch Hill, PORC, Tillgate, Aston Hill, Afan & Chicksands (dual track is a classic!). Hafjell DH is an awesome track and the Buldreloypa is super sweet! Unfortunately, I was so knackered from digging all weekend that I got arm pump about 10 secs in so I didn't so much as ride down as I did fall down!


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