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It’s been two years and it was time for a new bike. After riding for a year with the Nordic crew, i was becoming very aware that I needed something a little smaller for freeriding. There was a short list of must haves:-

5-6 inch travel
Single crowns

Two bikes came to mind for me, the Kona Coiler and the Specialized SX Trail. I have had my eye on the SX ever since Berrecloth turned up on one. The bike look so nice and of course I was going to be great quality being Specialized. So I decided to get the the frame and build myself a awesome slopestyle bike.

My parents came over to see me for the first time in Norway and Tony met them at Luton with the frame. My mum said It was so nice to see me look so happy to see her! Then se realised I was looking at the bike bag in her hands. It's here!

I wasted no time. We got home at 1am and I was up at 7 to go build the bike at work. I had settled on a strong and top quality build list for the bike as I wanted this thing to take a pounding. Fox front and rear, full Saint and Deemax (of course I had to have some yellow on there somewhere) 2 hours later it was built! The crew met up for a ride and a drool.

Awe inspiring. I felt instantly comfortable, my confidence was boosted so much. The ballance of the bike was just right. After riding a bike with a high BB this cornered great and felt great in the air. I was soon dirtjumping the bike with ease, and I can’t dirt jump. I couldn't pull off a single trick until I got on this bike then suddenly, 3 tricks within a day! We all had a go and all loved the bike.

I got the small frame that is only a inch shorter that the medium but has the bent top tube. Great Idea from Specialized! I’m a short guy but still I felt comfortable on the bike. Sizing was just right! The frame was a little heavier that I thought I was going to be but you don’t feel it. It just taunts you to go bigger and bigger. I have droped 4 meters without any complaints and we all now what Berrecloth does on his!!!

This is a quality bike and is the perfect setup for the beginner or the pro slopestyle rider. Personally I would recommend buying the bike rather than the frame option as you get a great setup for you money, but if your anything like me and want something special (punn intended) then do a custom build and get a Fox 36rc2 Talas. Works in perfect harmony with this frame.




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