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Curtis have already made a fantastic reputation for themselves and all they seem to do is improve on that. Their hardtail frames are among, if not the best in the world. Hand made in Wiltshire, UK and coming with a 4 year frame failure guarantee and frame repair for life, what more could you want? Well they are now building a full suspension frame, The Thumpercross and I've had one for about a year now.

Don’t let it put you off, it’s really light. Made from a high grade of carbon steal called T45 which is renowned for is strength and lightness. In total with shock it weighs just under 11lb 7oz.

The main frame comes with their legendary flair proof head tube which can withstand 75 tonnes of pressure, which means triple clamps and single crowns are not an problem and you get Curtis’s custom options:

Top tube length
Personalised frame number

Along with this the frame has been married to a Risse rear linkage which has been tried and tested on many different brands of bike and, although it’s getting a little long in the tooth, still works like a charm and can take almost anything you throw at it. The frame comes completed with a fox DHX 5.0 shock which has been custom tuned buy the Mojo boys, all for a total price of £1499.

One of the first things you notice about the Curtis is its incredibly high bottom bracket, which is just a small clue of what Curtis designed this bike for. GOING BIG. This bike just swallows all the drops you can throw at it. It is very much a freeride bike and with it's steep head angle it rides so well on technical northshore and single track. However, it's a little nervous on the fast sections and because you stand so far forward on the bike you do need to keep your weight back on the bike when in the air. I have raced it and have found it a bit of a handfull compared to other bikes on the market, but if you’re a freerider it is fantastic. This bike encourages you to go bigger and because it can smooth out the roughest of courses and makes it easier to recover if it does go a little pear shaped!

This bike is a fantastic bike for the new age freeride. Tricks, drops and technical riding all comes easily to this bike, but it’s important not to run a short fork or you’ll be able to turn on a sixpence! This could cause a problem for the shorter riders out there like me. My frame is about 15” but thanks to the bb height it stands around the height of a 19”. If you add that height to a long fork like the 888 then you better take a quick trip to the donor bank and put some of your soldiers on ice!! If you can over come this or you’re above 5ft 7in then this bike is for you.

If your looking for something a little special or if you like going to your local trails and having a crowd gather around your bike, this is for you. It will last longer than you and if you do ever manage to break it (which I doubt very much) the Curtis boys will fix it for free, for life! Strong, light, custom built, free repair for life and it has your name stamped in it. What more do you want?
Just think, you can say “That’s my bike and I can prove it!”

Custom built for you.
Technical handling.
That Guarantee!

Not so good for Dh racing because of the head angle.
Too high for anyone smaller than 5ft 6in.




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