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Length of test: 5 years and counting...

The DMR Trailstar frame isn't a classic because of oddly shaped tubing or a famous rider who rode it. It isn't made of exotic material and to be fair it isn't a real head turner. What makes the Trailstar a classic is the fact that after all these years it's still going strong and If you own a Trailstar, no matter how long you've had it, chances are that yours is too.

I bought the frame back in 2000 and until September '05 the Trailstar was my only bike. It's been everywhere with me from popping to the local Pub to the Hafjell DH track!

There's not a lot that I can say about the frame except that I've never trusted a component (and the frame's a pretty important one!) like the Trailstar. DMR have made a few great little improvements (extra gussets and better paint etc.) over the years but the basic design remains largely unchanged.

The Trailstar features DMR's neat 'APS' system which allows you to flip the rear brake bosses and run V brakes on either 26" or 24" wheels and is available with either a MTB or BMX bottom bracket. There's also the option of the Trailstar LT (Long Travel) which has had the geometry tweaked to accept freeride forks. However, I've been running 130mm forks on my standard Trailstar since I got it and it hasn't complained once!

I'm at a loss to describe it, but what I love about the frame is the 'Ping' you get from the 4130 Cro-Mo. The frame seems to have just enough flex in it to soak a little of the ride up when your skipping through a rock garden or over routes but if you're cruising the streets it feels solid as a rock. It's a true all-rounder and is at home anywhere, the streets, skateparks, singletrack, northshore, freeride areas and climbs. You can build the frame up as you like from a hefty singlespeed to a lightweight XC rig and it won't let you down.

In my opinion the Trailstar is to Hardtails what the Ford Transit is to Vans. It's a classic that just keeps on going, keeps on improving and never loses it's status, no matter what materialises in the mean time. I don't think you can get a better frame for your money and not a lot of your money at that!






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