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Length of test: 6 years and counting...

Don't let the name of theses pedals fool you. When the guys at DMR needed to realise their V8 and V12 designs all those years ago it was Wellgo they turned to. To this day Wellgo still make the beloved V8's and V12's but for me the 'copy' will always be the superior flatty.

Firstly, these pedals have been in my possesion for over 6 years, have graced no less than 4 bikes (incl. a BMX) and have seen less maintenance than all of the public toilets in London put together. I picked them up for £10 in a bargain bucket back in '99 and since then they've been on weekenders, street rides, DH courses, to the pub and back. In short, I've hardly put my feet on anything else when riding for all of that time.

In terms of their look they're nothing to get too excited about nowdays, just the classic flatty. But what makes these superior to the DMR's is one tiny yet all important difference. The pins. Buy a pair of V12's and you probably won't notice the pins at all. That is until you come to replace them after a heavy season. At this point you'll notice that they are removed with a hex key from the top of the pins, the the pins that you've battered the life out of and that will now no longer take the hex key.

This is where the Wellgos step up. Wellgo pins are removed from the underneath with a common phillips screwdriver. Simple. Mash them up. Grind them. Snap a few pins off. You can always get the pin (or remnants of) out of the pedal and because of this you can get more mileage out of your pins and pedals.

I mentioned that these have had no maintenance and I'm not joking. They have never been stripped down and regreased and have literally been fitted and forgotten in all instances.
I might have just been lucky. Or a pair of prototype, super-strong pedals may have accidentally made their way into the clearance bin at a small bike shop in Penge (RIP Recycle Bicycle). But the experience I've had of these humble pedals has been nothing short of perfect.

A debt is clearly owed to the guys at DMR for the classic flatty and there's no doubting the popularity of the V8's and V12's but if you're on a budget or fancy a change then, in my opinion, the Wellgos are where it's at.






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